Kinds of Deliveries


A dump truck is used to deliver aggregates, mulches and/or soils, and will dump the product in a designated area**. For any amount of bulk material you may desire, from a half yard or a half ton on up. Bulk deliveries are done in a dump truck sized according to quantity.

Smaller quantities will be delivered in our small dump truck. It has the advantage of being small and comparatively maneuverable and can access places larger, heavier trucks are unable to go.

Larger quantities may be offered the option of one or more larger deliveries in a full sized dump truck to save you multiple delivery charges in our smaller truck.

Dump trucks, especially when loaded, may leave ruts in the ground or even become stuck when off road. Customers who choose to have trucks leave paved surfaces assume all responsibility for towing, ground ruts and any underground fixtures such as irrigation, septic tanks etc.


In most cases, a "piggyback" flatbed truck is used to deliver primarily pallets. The "piggyback" truck carries a forklift on its bed that can then transport the products to the designated area. As with all delivery trucks, the "piggyback" has its limitations. The forklift is a heavy piece of machinery and may leave ruts in the ground, especially if it is soft or wet. Additionally, the forklift may not fit through gates, fences, or other narrow areas. An area of 10 ft; from side to side is needed for adequate passing. Thus, customers need to be flexible when considering where they would like their material placed.

All Island also has a self-tipping hopper that can carry approximately 1.5 yards or 1.5 tons of bulk material. This can be included in a flatbed delivery with a small additional freight charge.

** It is up to the driver's discretion to determine if the desired area is accessible and safe for the customer, driver, truck, as well as public and private property.

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