Manufactured Stone

We're sure you'll find just the right stone for your colors and taste. We have many "mortared in" stone sample displays and sample boards to help you choose the style and color you desire for your exterior landscaping or interior design project. Stop in and take a look. We recommend bringing in paint chips and carpet samples if you’re considering an indoor application.

Landscape design pictures offer some ideas for your own landscaping project:
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Landscape design picture Landscape design picture Landscape design picture

Cultured Stone Displays (Many Styles and Colors to Choose From)

Cultured Stone Displays

The problem of efflorescence, the deposit of water-soluble salts on the surfaces of masonry, stucco, natural stone, clay, ceramic tile, or concrete, among others, has been around forever. It occurs naturally because of moisture due to such things as low temperatures, moist conditions, condensation, rain, dew, etc. Any material containing Portland cement results in efflorescence. Low absorption is the best assurance against efflorescence. When it occurs, it can be gotten rid of by:

  • Brushing the surface thoroughly with a stiff brush, then following up with powerwashing the surface.
  • Pressure washing the surface in question with a mild acid solution. Solutions can include 5% vinegar solutions, muriatic acid or citric acid. Muriatic acid is purchased in full strength and must be diluted. So it’s the most dangerous, requiring proper safety gear.
  • Follow this up by washing with clear water and neutralize with baking soda. Take care with the use of acid on stone and brick surfaces. Be sure to read directions thoroughly. Also, be aware that acid residues can harm plants.
  • Check with your stone dealer to make sure any product is safe for the stone or concrete surface you are treating.