Natural Stone

These landscaping pictures represent only a sample of the stone we have in stock. We recommend you visit All Island to view the full scope of products we sell.

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A generic term for flat slabs of landscape paving stone, usually sandstone, limestone, or slate, which split easily; it may have irregular edges or be cut into squares and rectangles. Most often, it is used for pool decks, patios, driveways and as backyard stepping stones. Keep in mind that it is the artistic ability of the mason which determines the final appearance of your flagstone landscaping project.
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Veneer landscaping stone allows you unlimited possibilities with your landscape design. Veneer describes any stone used as a decorative facing material not meant to be load bearing. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes including mosaic, ashlar and square cut, rough cut veneer can be mixed and matched to achieve any desired style. Industry standards specify veneer as 3"-5" thick, but custom thicknesses are available.
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Wall stone is a blocky stone used in landscape design to construct exterior, freestanding walls. It is available in numerous types and styles of stone.
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Marble chunk is commonly used in landscaping for veneer application. It is available in various colors allowing you to customize your own look.
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